Education Programs

We are pleased to offer a series of educational programs that are available for organizations, schools and youth groups. Please call us at (847)842-8000 or email us at for more information and pricing. Program durations may be adjusted to meet your group’s needs and content may be adjusted to target specific age groups. In addition to our standard programs we also offer programs tailored to specific interests, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t see a program that exactly meets your needs.

Remember to book early for best availability.

Flint Creek Wildlife 911™

What is wildlife rehabilitation? Learn about the animals in our care, including what types of species and injuries we see. Experience the joy of releasing fully rehabilitated animals back to the wild through beautiful slide shows of actual releases.

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Furry and Feathered

What are the birds and mammals that you're most likely to see in our area? Learn fun facts about how they raise their young as well as some practical ways every person can help.

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Hunters of the Night

What makes owls have silent flight? How do they hunt so accurately at night? Which owl makes what sound? Learn all about the owls that are indigenous to Illinois, including some less common species that pass through the area. Get an up close look at live birds of prey.

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Illinois Birds

Learn about common birds in our area including songbirds, raptors and waterfowl. Where do they live? Where do they nest? How do they care for their young?

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Illinois Mammals

What are the most common mammals in our area? Where do they sleep? What do they eat? Learn all about mammals that are indigenous to Illinois.

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Illinois Raptors

Do you know about the birds of prey that live in our area? Learn about hawks, owls, falcons and vultures that are indigenous to Illinois. Get an up close look at live birds of prey.

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Raptor Adaptations

Do you know why American Kestrels bob their heads during flight? Learn lots of cool facts about the physical characteristics that help hawks, owls, falcons and vultures survive in the wild. Get an up close look at live birds of prey.

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The Secrets of Migration

Learn about the phenomenon of migration including the different methods that birds use to migrate and some of the dangers they face.

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The use of educational animals in our programs enhances the learning experience and provides the audience with an up close view of these magnificent animals. All of Flint Creek Wildlife's educational animals are non-releasable because they wouldn't be able to survive in the wild due to the nature of their injuries.  They now have a second chance at life here at Flint Creek Wildlife.